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The North Kit

North Nexus Kit: 6,8,10,12,14,22

Yep, this is a strange animal....

I saw Billy Cobham play one of these when I was very young and fell in love with the look. Later it was Alex Van Halen. Supposably this kit was shipped to a local recording studio for a big name player/endorser. Somehow it was lost in the shuffle and ended up in storage. Our local Guitar Center took it in on a trade and way overpaid for the thing. It sat for over 3 years in their
back room in its original cases. I found out about the kit and after some serious haggling brought it home for a song. It is near perfect condition, less some of the bearing edges (which were simply made poorly) and some issues with the factory rack. All has pretty much been corrected. All I need to do is reproduce the North logo for the inside of the batter head. It sounds it's age - very 1970's single headed tom/card board box. Lots of attack, no sustain. It mics up well and definitely causes some conversation when it is brought to a show. Heads are clear Ambassadors - however I may try some Evans Hydros on it. Sure cant hurt! Drums are LOUD.


My 1972 North