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The Pearl Kit(s)

I LOVE Pearl Drums. I have played them forever.

The first kit shown here is my long time stage kit that has now become a killer rehearsal kit. It is a mixture of poplar and maple shelled drums. The rack toms are 2002 poplar ELX shells and the floor toms and kick are maple from the SRX line all done in vintage fade. This was my primary stage kit through 2003. I use it in multiple configurations. It sounds spectacular both live and in the studio. After too many shows to remember, it still looks as good as it did when it arrived. Heads are Remo, using clear Emperor batters and clear Ambassador resos on all toms and the PS3 on the kick.

The reason this kit has become a rehearsal kit is simple...

Yep, I recently picked up the Ferrari of drum sets - the Pearl Masterworks. It is amazing. It has 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch toms, two 24x16 kicks and a 14x6 snare. All of the larger drums (16, 18, kick) and the snare have outer plies of maple and an inner play of African mahogany. The smaller drums are all maple. I had this kit refinished in turquoise glass glitter. KILLER kit. I did change head selection a bit from my norm - the MW kit uses an Evans Generra Dry on the snare and coated Emperors on the larger toms. Sound is simply great!
The "white" kit is my newest addition. After seeing Mike's kit (drummer for Garth Brooks) I was hooked. Pearl built up this killer frosted Chrystal Beat and JAMMED it full of LED's it's killer. I use it at all indoor shows right now. Just love it and it sounds great. It im y typical 3 up, 2 down configuration. Heads are coated Emperor batters and coated Ambassador resos. Kick drum reso is a white PS3 with a custom chrome decal, with the Pearl and Tramps logo cut out of the decal, allowing the lights to shine through. It is pretty fantastic.


The new  Crystal Beat... LOVE that reso head!


Gotta love that reso head...


A little teaser of what just arrived......


The custom matching "sub kick" mic


Turquoise Glass Glitter.... LOVE it!!