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Fibes Amber Chrystalite

My Fibes Kit: 10,12,14,16,18,26
12x6/16x6 octobans

The Fibes kit was initially ordered as an exact replica of the famous amber Vistalite played by John Bonham, less the kick drum which is 16" deep (yep, its a cannon). I found the configuration less than comfortable, so I commissioned Fibes to build an additional 10" and 12" toms. This allowed me to use the Pearl ICON rack from my usual stage kit and simply change shells. All of the rack toms use Pearl Opti-mounts. Later I had the matching octobans made up and still may add an aditional 8" tom. While I used this set as my primary in 2004, it really is to much for any type of smaller room. For my large and outdoor shows it was simply awesome. I have yet to use it in a studio setting. Heads are my standard set up - Emperor batters and Ambassador resos - except on the octobans where I will go as thin as clear Diplomats if I can find them. Oh yeah - these drums weigh a TON!!!


The kit in the Bonham configuration




Almost time to go to work